Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hack XP Login Password

Hack Admin Password From User Mode

Disclaimer: Use this article for eductational purpose ONLY.
Follow these steps:
Step1: Open command prompt (Start > Run > cmd),
Step2: Enter the followin command, then press ENTER:
compmgmt.mscThis should open the computer management console.
Step3: Go to local users & groups > users. Right click on any user and select "set password".

If you get a "access denied" do the following:
start > run > cmd
then use following commands
Step1: net user test /add (this command will make test named user)
Step2: net localgroup administrators test /add (this command will make test user as administrators rights)
and use net user command to reset your admin. password


What if u don't know the password of your admin and still want to hack and change .. yea u can do it ..in a very easy manner.. check this. just follow the steps.. this doesn't require u to know the admin password but still u can change it..
Step1: Start > Run > [type]cmd // this will open your command prompt
Step2: [type] net(space)user(press enter)
Step3: [type] net(space)user(space)[windowsloginid](sp ace)*(press enter)
// for e.g. : net user HOME *(press enter)
Step4: [type] new password (press enter) and retype it (press enter).. it will show u confirmation... // caution it wont show u the password u type.. but it still types.. the blinking pointer will b there at the same place.. but it still works..
// for e.g. : password changed successfully.

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