Monday, February 21, 2011

How to install Vista or Windows 7 without DVD or USB Drive

Step1: Get a copy of the OS of your wish and store the image on your hard disk.

Step2: Use Daemon tools which gives a virtual DVD drive.

Step3: Mount the OS image on to the virtual disk.

Step4: From the autoplay select " run setup.exe"

Step5: From the setup menu click " Install Now".

Step6: Setup starts.

Step7: Select the Updates option as per your interest and press next.

Step8: Accept the license agreement and press next.

Step9: Click on Custom (advanced).

Step10: Since we would install the OS on same local disk containing previous OS make sure
that the disk contains a free disk space of 15GB. This can be done by backing up your
documents and files from C: drive and delete them.

Step11: Select the OK option from message window. Which says that your old OS files will be saved in a folder.

Step12: Copying of files starts.

Step13: After copying of files Expansion of files starts.

Step14: As the expansion of files come to 20% the computer automatically restarts.

Step15: Once restarted the OS selection menu is shown automatically. Select WINDOWS SETUP from the menu.

Step16: The expansions continues. And the OS is completely installed.

Step17: the system again restarts and it is finally done.

Step18: Once new OS starts go to C: drive and delete the folder " Windows Old".

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