Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Best TaskMan for S60V3 users

Name: Best TaskMan
Description: TaskMan is used to control your device more easily. The software allows extended task management, memory control and much more functions to explore. It shows full information about device memory, processes,  running applications, installed applications, opened files.

Compatible Devices: Nokia 3250, Nokia 5500 Sport, Nokia E50,
Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia E70,Nokia N71, Nokia N73, Nokia N80,
Nokia N91, Nokia N92, Nokia N93

Download Here:

Best Blacklist v1.0 for S60V3 users

Name: Blacklist v1.0
Description: Automatically rejects unwanted callers. Analyzing Real-time incoming number and rejects instantly. Easy to configure and use.
Compatible devices:Nokia 3250, Nokia 5500 Sport, Nokia E50,
Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia E70,Nokia N71, Nokia N73, Nokia N80,
Nokia N91, Nokia N92, Nokia N93

Download Here:

Advanced Device Locks.v1.01 for S60v3

Name: Advanced Device Locks
Description:Advanced Device Locks is a Symbian OS application to lock the phone or selected applications, such as Messages, Pictures, Contacts, Video or any other.
Download and protect your handset now itself...!

Compatible Handsets:
Nokia 3250/5500/N71/N73/N80/N91/N92/N93/E50/E60/E61/E62/E70

Secret Codes For Samsung Wave

Factory Reset ,Hard Reset
Format Your Phone Completely. It Will Remove All Your Files And Settings Including The Internal Memory Storage And Will Reinstall The Phone’s Firmware
Service Mode
This Code Is Used To Enter The Service Mode And Run Various Test.
Battery Information
Detailed Info. About Battery
Sim lock , Network Lock Status
Used For Checking Sim Lock , Network Lock Status

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Evan MP3 Player for Java S40 V3 (240x320) Version

Application Name: Evan MP3 Player
OS:Java S40 V3
Here is a music player for S40 java Phones with so many futures like playlists,Equalizer,lyrics players etc.
Download Here:

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Unlock Your Android Phones Using Face-Detection Application

Unlock Your Android Phones (Android 2.3 and Above) Using Face-Detection Software (Free).
 Using the front-facing camera, you can easily unlock you Android 4.0 device with the help of Google Android face recognition technology.
Below is the download link for free:
Download Here:

GT Racing: Motor Academy(Gameloft)

Experience the richest racing simulation ever released on Android devices - and the best part is it won’t cost a thing to get started right now! Download the game for FREE and take your first steps into the huge and fascinating Career mode. Pass driving tests and win races to progress as you unlock more cars and events with in-game credits and XP. Hours of racing thrills are waiting for you now! And for those who want to unlock everything lightning fast, you can purchase XP multipliers and credit packs directly from the game.
Download this game from Gameloft For free: GT Racing

Real Soccer 2012

Real Soccer is back for the new season and brings soccer on smartphones to a new era! With improved, smoother graphics plus 700 accurate motion-capture-based animations that adjust to players’ skills and position, this game pushes realism even further. Join the biggest community of soccer fans on mobile! Create and share content including custom team kits using a detailed editor. Ever wish you could control the outcome of a game you watched on TV? Now you can, thanks to Hypergame technology! With just the press of a button, you can recreate any matchup from the in-game news feed and play!
Download this game directly from Gameloft for free:  Real Soccer 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Android Secret Codes

Used To find Standard IMEI
Field Test
Display a list of options for you to test and there is an option to log the information as well. It will not supported by all units.
Testing Mode - Phone Setting
Displays the hidden testing menu for android which provides details on application usage, battery health and status, Wifi information and general network information It will helps to find out  problems in battery.
**05*<PUK Code>*<enter a new pin>*<confirm the new pin>#
PUK unlock
To unlock android phone this command can be run from the emergency calling screen , Enter PUK code which will be availablewith  Sim card  or contact your service provider to obtain the code
Dialer Log Enabled
Records your last 20 calls and stores them on your phone, you can find the data in the following path:
Dialer Log Disabled
Disables the  Dialer call logging
Restore factory setting
Restore to factory settings, Do not delete preinstalled apps and SD card files

Install Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on Personal Computers or Laptops

Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is the latest version of the Android platform for phones, tablets, and more. It builds on the things people love most about Android and adds powerful new ways of communicating and sharing.It is developed by Google and it is preferred by many millions of mobile users. On October 19 Google announced Android 4.0.It is possible to run Android 4.0 on your PC.

Installing and runnig Android 4.0 on PC or Laptop
Follow the steps below
Step1. Click on this link:  > Select your OS and download the Android SDK.

Step2. Extract the downloaded Android SDK file and install it or if you want you can download .exe file and then install directly also.

Step3. Open the folder where you have extracted or where you have installed it and open SDK Manager.

Step4. The application will load and fetch all the Android SDK packages.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

LoudSpeaker v1.0 for S60v3/v5 devices

Description: LoudSpeaker is a S60v3/v5 application. This software is fully customizable. It works as your car wireless hands free set  by installing software. After  installation you can use it immediately.LoudSpeaker v1.0 answers your call automatically and turns on the Loudspeaker. You can choose the profile,You can set your own sound on answer.

Midnight Pool 3 for S60v5 device

Name: Midnight Pool 3
Description:Follow a trail of clues and bizarre personalities through dark pool halls, bustling bars, flashy casinos, and more, all in the hopes of tracking down the missing car and becoming the best pool player in Sin City.
Screen Resolution: 360 x 640
Device Supports: Nokia C5-03 , Nokia C6 , Nokia X6 , Nokia 5800 Xpress Music , Nokia 5230 , Nokia 5233 , Nokia N97 , Nokia 5530 Xpress Music , Nokia 5250 , Nokia N97 Mini , Sony Ericsson Vivaz,Sony Ericsson Vivaz  Pro , Nokia 5235 , Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition , Sony Ericsson Satio , Samsung I8910 Omnia HD and others S60v5 devices.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ra One Official game symbian60v3 devices

Game name:Ra.One Genesis
Category: Adventure mobile game(2D action pack)
Description: Here you play as ‘G.One’.
 Your goal is to find and destroy Ra.One’s ‘H.A.R.T’ before he gains endless energy.
For more follow the instruction in the game.
Screen Resolution:  240X320

Monday, February 6, 2012

Free Voice Changer For Nokia S60 V2 Phones

A new kind of sound manipulation entertainment program for Series 60v2 mobile phones.In this application you can able to change your original voice into some other funny one.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Airtel has simplified GPRS setting for non OTA devices

Airtel has simplified its GPRS setting  for their customers using Blackberry, HTC, Samsung and iPhone devices. Now non OTA devices users like Blackberry, HTC, Samsung and iphone users able to add the GPRS settings manually.
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